What is the Philo and Sophie program?

Philo and Sophie™ is a dynamic new video-based curriculum that teaches children the basic philosophical truths of logic, happiness, morality, and respect for human life! Designed for kindergarten through second grade, the program features engaging puppets, actors, and animation, along with comprehensive teacher resources and parent pieces. It appeals to the heads and hearts of young children through wisdom-cultivating and virtue-building lessons.


Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Philo and Sophie?

Philo (pronounced FEE-lo) is an adorable penguin, and Sophie (pronounced SO-fee) is his delightful mermaid friend. Both characters appear in the videos as puppets, but occasionally show up in student activities and handouts in avatar form.

Why was Philo and Sophie developed?

Philo and Sophie was created to advance the key philosophical teachings on logic, happiness, success, quality of life, love, and moral decision-making that are absent from most children’s education and entertainment today. Our unique curriculum toolbox gives teachers and parents the building blocks they need to form joyfully intelligent young people who live out an authentic love and respect for human life, including the unborn, the elderly, the disabled, and the terminally ill.

What age group is the program geared toward?

Philo and Sophie is designed for grades K-2. (But just for fun, we tested the videos on older children, including teenagers. They loved it! Students told us they learned things they never knew, while having fun at the same time.)

What are the learning objectives of each unit?

Unit 1 teaches the definition of the word “happiness,” the four levels of happiness, and how to make good choices. Unit 2 teaches the meaning of true success, what makes human beings valuable and important, and the special dignity of and respect due to vulnerable people. Unit 3 explains what a contradiction is, how contradictions are illogical, and that someone cannot be a person and not a person at the same time. Each lesson incorporates a strong message on respecting and cherishing human life.

You can click here to view the entire SCOPE AND SEQUENCE of each lesson in the curriculum.

What’s the best way to use the program?

Each unit has three 50-minute lessons (for a total of 9 lessons). We recommend using Unit 1 in Kindergarten, Unit 2 in first grade, and Unit 3 in second grade. But you don’t have to do it that way. Some teachers – especially in homeschool co-ops – like to do the entire program as a 9-week unit in one grade, or in all three combined grades. Feel free to introduce any of the units whenever it works for you. All lessons in all units were tested in each of the three grade levels with phenomenal results.

How much does it cost?

During this special introductory period, Philo and Sophie  doesn’t cost anything! Be sure to sign up though, so that we can let you know when new videos and lessons are released.

What’s included in the curriculum?

Each lesson includes a fun learning video (between seven and fifteen minutes long); complete teacher lesson plans, pacing guides, activities, handouts, parent tools, easy instructions, and a free helpline.

How do I access the videos?

Philo and Sophie  utilizes an all-digital format. Videos can be played from our website. They are also available on YouTube. If you are worried about a reliable internet connection during class time, you can download the videos from our website to play back later.

Can I get Philo and Sophie on DVD?

Philo and Sophie is not available on DVD but can be downloaded from our website for playback.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties accessing the videos or resources. What do I do?

First, check your internet connection. A poor connection is the cause of most video playback issues. If you are worried about this, you can download the videos from our website ahead of time so that you can play them back later without having to use an internet connection. If you are still having problems, contact our helpline. The best way is by email (support@philoandsophie.org). You can also call between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM MST (605.791.5433) to speak to a live person.

Does this curriculum teach children about abortion and euthanasia?

No. We respect the innocence of young children and do not introduce the words or concepts of abortion, euthanasia, or assisted suicide. Instead, we build up the intellectual understanding and virtuous character that children will need later in life to immediately recognize abortion and euthanasia as contrary to reason, happiness, faith, hope, and charity.

How can I help make more Philo and Sophie resources available?

We welcome your help! Click here to make a donation. Please share the videos with everyone you know. You can also approach your local elementary school, homeschool cooperative, or church religious education program to ask them to include Philo and Sophie in their curriculum!