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Educators and parents of grades K-2 children now have a powerful way to teach happiness, logic, virtue and respect for human life!

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Sample Lesson: HAPPINESS

Philo, Sophie and friends are at the state fair where they compete with exhibits on the four different kinds of happiness. Children will learn characteristics of each level, that all four levels are good, and that God wants us to be happy!
Moral Compass

Our Philosophy

Now more than ever, children need love and guidance to help them navigate a world that confuses right and wrong, and denies them a true moral compass.

Philo and Sophie: Philosophy for Children is a unique program that cultivates wisdom and builds virtue in children from Kindergarten through Grade 2.

We give children the building blocks of happiness, logic, and virtue that help them discern right from wrong and respect the sacredness of all human life.


Philo and Sophie for Teachers...

Philo and Sophie is for grades K-2. The program can be taught in schools, parishes, or homeschools as a three-day unit per grade level or combined as a nine-day unit in one grade.

Your Philo and Sophie kit comes with free access to all video segments and a Teacher Resource (including lesson plans, pacing guides, activities, downloadable handouts, and teacher resource support).

Philo and Sophie for Parents and Homeschoolers...

Philo and Sophie is a great way to teach, entertain, and inspire your child every day. Our library of educational videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can also download lesson plans, activities, and handouts for more learning fun.

Humorous and enduring lessons will capture your child’s head and heart with truth and goodness.